Mike, Doerte, Jeanne, and Ed booting in up the Teanaway Road to the Bean Basin Trailhead! Photo by Kay Ishii

Bean Basin

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Two trips....

April 10,2004

and back to Bean...
May 02, 2004





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Bean Basin

On April 10, 2004 Kay Ishii invited Doerte and I to join a trip to Bean Basin with the Washington Ski Touring Association. We met Kay Ishii, David Wilkerson, Jeanne and Ed a few miles past the end of the pavement on the Teanaway River Road.

We booted and skinned our way up to the Turnpike Creek Trailhead. From here we had solid snow the rest of the way. The Bean Basin Creek crossing was a little adventurous  but we all managed to maintain dry socks. 

The day was calm and clear, with only a few high clouds above. It was a wonderful day, and we were soon in t-shirts.  

The Snow was quite firm and we were easily able to walk in.

Doerte heading into the Upper Bean Basin.

It was a long trek in, but we had a great time skiing back down. The snow was a little mushy and slow in places do to the warm day and abundant sun, but we were able to get in some nice telemark turns. With the long walk in, an earlier start would of been beneficial.

 Back to Bean Basin

On May 01, Doerte and I tried it again. This time we had a few clouds, but were able to drive all the way to the Trailhead. Ideally this trip is done as soon as the Trailhead is free of snow.

The Bean Creek crossing was a little difficult. With lots of snow melting the water was quite high and came over the tops of our boots. The place where we crossed a few weeks earlier was a couple of feet deep!

The shorter approach to the Basin enabled us to easily get high on the ridge.

High in Bean Basin on May 01. The snow was only a few feet thick and will soon be gone.

On the ridge above there are still a few little cornices.

Doerte and I stopped for a quick lunch and to admire the wonderful views. There was one other telemarker, and a few parties of hikers in the area. We were anxious to ski down. The snow was firm and made for nice turns. 

Bean Peak!

It was great fun, and we debated if we should hike up for a second run.

Doerte crossing Bean Creek on the way out. The water was 6-8 inches higher in the afternoon than in the morning.

It didn't matter to me as I had wet socks coming and going. (Only much wetter going!)

It was an easy downhill hike back out!

Avalanche Lilies sprouting on May 01! This was a patch of snow just a few days earlier!

An easy, fun, beautiful trip, 4-mile roundtrip from the Trailhead and 1,500 elevation gain. Very much recommended.


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