Our view of Mount Rainier We heard reports of fine skiing in Glacier Basin up the White River Road. 

Chinook Pass Telemark Backcountry Ski 5,430'

Trip Report
Near Mount Rainier National Park


June 11, 2006




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There is excellent skiing and telemarking on Chinook Pass and Naches Peak. Although it has been reported that more than 6 feet of snow has melted in the 10 days of June, there is still full coverage. The views of Mount Rainier are superb, and there are many moderate and steeper bowls to ski.

There were lots of telemarkers out for the day. We even ran into our friend from the Mountaineers, Shannon. Later in the day, the even some alpine skiers arrived.

Doerte showing fine form. There is nothing better than deep light powder, but corn snow is awfully fun too!

When spring arrives, and the road finally opens, Chinook Pass 5,430, becomes available for the spring and summer seasons. There is also a short fall season that begins with the first snows and lasts until the road closes for the winter. The other time is in the fall, just after the snow starts flying. The access to Chinook Pass closes in late November unless we have an early winter. Chinook Pass is the highest pass across the Cascade Mountains in Washington. It crosses the high Cascade Mountains just east of Mt. Rainier. It usually closes as soon as the snow comes to the high peaks and meadows. Then it is plowed out for cars again in the spring

The weather was a perfect short sleeve day, and the ski down was awesome! We had softening snow on a firm base with very slight suncups. We did run after run, and each one was better than the previous! It was nice to get out and just relax and yoyo ski.


Naches Peak , 6,452', offers very fine telemarking and touring.

Spring skiing on corn snow is excellent at Chinook Pass and will run well into July this year!

Mike with Mount Rainier behind. The clouds built as the day progressed, eventually the mountain was obscured.

An absolutely beautiful day, the air was crystal clear! The clouds built during the afternoon and eventually shrouded Mount Rainier.

Did you know there was once a ski area at Chinook Pass?
Lost Ski areas of Washington: http://hyak.net/lost/3.html

3,200' of Summer skiing! east access for a few hours of yoyo skiing.

The Mount Adams trip is scheduled for July 02. 

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