The group skinning back up to just below the ridge for another run down.

Whitewater Telemark Ski Tour 7,400'

White Queen Backcountry Trip Report

Nelson British Columbia


February 20, 2006


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Whitewater Ski Resort is located in British Columbia, a few hours North of Spokane. It is set in the Selkirk Range in the Kootenays region of the province. Whitewater has a  high base elevation of 5,400 feet which ensures plenty of snow, a ton of light, dry powder, and very few midseason thaws.

The mountain consists of groomed runs, open bowls, glades, chutes, and tree skiing. The best powder at Whitewater is found in the trees. Catch Basin, Glory Basin, Terrorada, and the Trash Chutes will yield sick and twisted lines after a big storm. This is expert skiing only, and even good skiers should remember to ski in pairs and take avalanche equipment if straying beyond the boundary ropes.

Whitewater Ski Resort is located 12 miles southeast of Nelson in the Kootenays.

On the summit of White Queen, 7,400', Roy and Doerte discussing the snow conditions while Frank and Debra look on. 


This was the third day of the Beyond the Groomed Telemark Ski Clinic. The first two days focused on lift served skiing, and this third day was a backcountry trip.

The entire group enjoying lunch after the run down from the White Queen.

We rode the lift up, stopped briefly to put on our skins, and then climbed up to the ridge above the ski area. We then traveled along the ridge to the summit of White Queen, then skied off the other side.

We made 2-3 runs before heading back.

I was amazed at the very light and silky powder. I had never experienced snow like that before!

Doerte skiing the great pillows! The snow was silky smooth light powder.

It was hard sometimes to make the turns I have learned on the groomers in the snow that was past my knees.

Our group!

A bit of sun even came our for the picture.

(All but Nils and Paul.)

Whitewater Ski Hill


Doerte and Mike on the ridge.

7 hours, 6 miles, 2,400' of skiing.
Thanks to Nils Larsen and Naheed Henderson for the great day!


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