John and Russ ride the
Kacheeles lift to the top of Hyak
The Snoqualmie Loppet

A 18 Mile Ski Tour from Mount Catherine to Cabin Creek in the Cascades!

This first Snoqualmie Loppet was informal and the inaugural event!


Saturday March 15, 2008



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From Hyak to Cabin Creek, the Snoqualmie Loppet is a point to point tour and a great way to introduce people to the entire trail system. 

First, ride the Kacheeles lift to the top of Hyak, then do the loop around Mount Catherine. Descend to the Iron Horse Trail to the Trollhagen Trail system at Crystal Springs. Finally over to Cabin Creek and the finale. 

This tour as described is 18 miles total distance. This is an intermediate ski tour with two short stretches of ungroomed skiing. 


 John starting from the top of the chair.

Most of the Mount Catherine Loop was foggy with light snow. The descent from Windy Pass was exhilarating and fast! To make it even better the sun started coming out.


Since this is a point to point tour, we had to shuttle some cars to Cabin Creek early in the morning. We then had plenty of time to relax at the Hyak Lodge before the start. 

Mike at the junction of the Blue Diamond Route and the Iron Horse Trail. The sun was out so this was a perfect place to take a break. 

Since this is an informal event there was no entry fee, bibs, or t-shirts.

We did need a trail pass to use the lift and ski the upper Nordic Trail System to the Mount Catherine Loop, and to park at Cabin Creek we needed a SNO-PARK permit!

Most of us started anywhere between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

Along the Iron Horse Trail, ad the Avalanche area. The Lake was frozen and the ice covered with snow.



Robin Stacy provided support at the various access points.

There is no recommended ski gear or technique suggested. Some people used Skate skis and others used classic gear. The faster skiers reached Cabin Creek before 2 pm. It all depends on your gear, technique, weather, grooming conditions and your physical ability.

I took my time and enjoyed three nice breaks along the way. There was certainly no rush. I enjoyed the sunshine.


Jim, Chris, and Amy at the end of the Iron Horse Trail.

From the Iron Horse Trail about one half mile past the Stampede Pass Road we accessed the Trollhagen Trail system. The Trollhagens have a Cabin, and do the Ski for Light Program.

Ski for Light is a cross-country skiing program for blind, visually impaired, and mobility impaired through the Trollhaugen Sons of Norway Lodge, Erling Stordahl Snow Park

Walking the Stampede Pass Road to the North side of I90 where we could pick up the Trail again.


Thanks to Chris Caviezel for organizing the day!

The Yakima River. Beautiful!

Snoqualmie Pass has many under utilized skiing opportunities. The Cascade Freeheel Festival, Snoqualmie Loppet, and other events are opportunities to collaborate with the other Clubs, Hyak Ski Area, State Parks, and the Forest Service to enhance our community, find common ground, and have lots of fun!

From the DOT yard it was a short ungroomed walk to the Cabin Creek Trail system..

This is an intermediate ski with two short stretches of  ungroomed skiing. 

The course as skied was 18.07 miles from the top of the lift to removing the skis at Cabin Creek. Time for me skiing was 2:59. Breaks totaled at least another hour.

The Home stretch! Chris and Amy on the Cabin Creek Trail to the finish.

Completing the entire tour were: I'm sure there were others. (let me know and I'll update this list)

Chris Caviezel Snoqualmie Nordic Club
Amy Phillipson Snoqualmie Nordic Club
Mike Mahanay Washington Alpine Club
John Stacy Snoqualmie Nordic Club
Don Brooks Kongsbergers
Todd Stiles US Forest Service Ranger

Want to go next year?

March is a little late for this tour as the snow was getting soft. The best time would be January. This could develop into a formal event, or continue to be informal like this year. Stay tuned to The Washington Alpine Club Web Site for more information.



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