Our group doing a run in the off piste out of bounds.  

Mt Hood Wy'east Nordic Summer Tele Ski Camp!
June 18/20, 2004



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It is really hard to let the ski season go sometimes. Early summer is a great time for trips to the Muir Snowfield, Mt. St. Helens, Goat Rocks, and other favorites.

Several of us from the Washington Alpine Club, Charlie, Kristin, Pete, Bill, Mike, and Doerte, always looking to improve our tele-technique, headed down to Mt. Hood for the annual Summer Tele Ski Camp.  Most of the class was from Washington or Portland, but there were eve folks from Colorado, Salt Lake City, Arizona, and Edmonton, Alberta.

Although I had been up to the summit of Mt Hood several times from the South Side, I had never skied the area. Timberline is a great ski area for summer clinics as the elevation is high, 6,000' to 9,700'. Lift tickets were $39. We started early each day, at 7 am, and skied to 1:30 pm when they closed the lifts.

Instructors were Nils Larson from Nelson BC, Don Portman from Mazama, Leighton White from Bend, Shelly Hakanson from Mt. Hood, Dave Waag from Hood River, as well as Steve and Stuart from Stevens Pass. We were lucky to have the best of the Northwest's instructors.

Most of us fell in the intermediate range. There was one class of beginners, including a recovering snowboarder, and one class of advanced. We did a lot of drills and a lot of free skiing. We would get comments from the instructors after every run. They specialized in positive reinforcement!

Our meeting spot. We left our packs here for the day. We would come back for a snack or drink once in a while.

Friday, the group did a great Backcountry trip, riding up the Palmer lift, then traversing to 9,700ft level to Illumination Saddle, where they skied they Zigzag Glacier to Paradise Park (6,000'). Then a 6 mile (downhill) hike brought them to waiting shuttle and back to Timberline. Everyone had a great time.

At the July clinic, they will do this same trip, as well as a trip from Cloudcap Campground (NE side of Mt. Hood) where they will ski the Snowdome.

The Mazama Lodge above Government Camp. The original lodge burned in 1958. Our group stayed here. As members of the Washington Alpine Club, we could stay at the Mazama member's rate of $15.

We stayed at the Mazama Lodge. The Mazamas' were formed on the summit of Mt. Hood in the late 1800's, and are the Oregon equivalent of the Mountaineers, with 4,000 members. Doerte immediately moved in with the girls teen ski racer group, securing a third level bunk. The rest of us stayed in the "tele-dorm". The Lodge is hosted and breakfast and dinner were served for $5 and $10 dollars. The food was good, but not great.

Legend has it that a couple of years ago they had some vegetarian hosts who served up some wonderful meals. 

The coed, or "tele-dorm" dormitory. They also have a men's, ladies, and a couple of smaller rooms. The lodge will sleep 85. 

We had a wonderful telemark ski camp, in fact, this one set a very high standard.


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