Harvey on the summit of Sigfried Pier in 1971!

J. Harvey Butchart Scholarship for Mathematical Achievement!



Northern Arizona University Department of Mathematics and Statistics letter to GCHBA President Mike Coltrin



Harvey on the summit of Sigfried Pier in 1971!

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February 22, 2001

Dear Mr. Coltrin:

We are writing to tell you about an exciting new scholarship that is being established by the Northern Arizona University Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the J. Harvey Butchart Scholarship for Mathematical Achievement.  The scholarship is being established to honor a man who has had a profound influence on the lives of many around the state and the nation.  Furthermore, Harvey has given his full blessing and support for the establishment of this scholarship.  We hope to award the Butchart Scholarship yearly to our most accomplished junior level mathematics or statistics student.

You are no doubt familiar with the achievements of Professor Butchart, both as an academic and as an outdoorsman.  As a faculty member, he served NAU for 31 years, arriving in 1945 and retiring in 1976.  He served as Department Chairman from 1946 to 1967 and saw the department grow from 2 members to 12, half the size of the department today.  He was an active member of the Mathematics Association of America (MAA), presenting scholarly papers each year at its national and/or regional meetings, and serving as chairman of its Southwest Section for two years.  He published more than 13 articles dealing with mathematics research and teaching in such journals as the MAA Monthly, Mathematics Magazine, Scripta Mathematica, and the American Journal of Mathematics and Science.  As an outdoorsman, Harvey had no peer.  From 1947 until his retirement from NAU, he spent about a month each year exploring the Grand Canyon and tributary canyons.  He scaled previously unclimbed summits and mapped previously lost or little known trails for the U.S. Forest Service and the National Park Service.  He published three guidebooks on hiking in the Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon Treks I, II and III, as well as many articles on Grand Canyon hikes that have appeared in such magazines as Arizona Highways and Summit Magazine.

The NAU Mathematics and Statistics faculty wish to establish this scholarship to honor Harvey for his many accomplishments.  In particular, we wish to thank Harvey for all the work that he did in establishing and nurturing the department in its earlier years.  Without his tireless effort and without his rigorous sense of quality, the department would certainly not be what it is today.  We think that it would make a wonderful birthday present for Harvey to have this scholarship endowed at the time of his next birthday in May.  That means we will have to raise nearly $2500 between now and then.  As a person who is a fellow Grand Canyon hiker and admirer of Harvey's we are writing to you in the hope that you will consider making a generous contribution to the J. Harvey Butchart Scholarship Fund.  It is long past the time for such recognition for Harvey and we hope that you will join with us and others in establishing this scholarship.  By the way, Harvey was so supportive of the establishment of this scholarship, that he kicked off the start of this fund-raising drive with a generous contribution.

Finally, if you know of any fellow hikers who you feel would like to contribute to honoring Harvey in this way, please contact them or send us their addresses and we will contact them.

Yours truly,

Terry Crites, Chairman
Robert W. Packard, Emeritus Professor
PO Box 5717 Flagstaff AZ  86011-5717

(520) 523-3481    fax (520) 523-5847


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