Kendall Peak ablaze in fall colors!
Kendall Peak awash in color!

Kendall Peak 5,784'!

One of the 20 Snoqualmie Peaks!

In the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area

October 05, 2002



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Beginning near the Washington Alpine Club Guye Cabin at the Pacific Crest Trailhead, 3,000’, at Snoqualmie Pass, the trail to Kendall Peak is a little over 5 miles. The trail is in great condition and sees a lot of use. It is 70 miles to Stevens Pass and many adventurous hikers make that trip each year. Often in the summer the parking lot is full and overflowing. On this beautiful cool Saturday in October there were 20 cars when we started at 830 am.

The trail was dry the entire way. There was very little water running in any of the creeks.  We had fine views of Red Mtn, Guye, Snoqualmie, Lundin, Chair, Tooth, Denny, and Bryant as the fog in the valley lifted and moved away. By afternoon the sky was perfectly clear. The giant Mount Rainier dominated the view to the south.

kendall summit.jpg (22847 bytes) On the summit of Kendall Peak. A few clouds left in the distance. The day started off cloudy and foggy. Mount Thompson is to the right of Mike. Do you know what the summits on the right are?

The famous Kendall Katwalk was the lunch stop and turnaround point for most hikers. Others continue on to climb Mt. Thompson, 6,554' or Alaska Mountain, 5,745'. After a snack on the Katwalk, we found the climbers trail up to the summit of Kendall. The grasses and low bushes were ablaze in fall colors of reds, oranges, and yellows. Kendall has four summits almost equal in height. The highest and true summit has a summit register. I was surprised to see I was that last one to climb Kendall last year. We knew many names in the register, and the Washington ALpine Club was of course very well represented.

10 miles roundtrip, 2,500' elevation gain.

lLundin Peak and Red Mountain from the PCT! Lundin Peak and Red Mountain from the PCT.

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