Kolbs Formal The famous Kolb Brothers!   

Emery and Ellsworth  

Emery (L) & Ellsworth Kolb in formal dress  
posing at desk with photographic proofs.  
Photo by Muschet 1914.

Running Hermit Rapid 

"Rough water in Hermit Creek Rapid. Height of distant wave about fifteen feet."  Emery Kolb running Hermit Rapid during the brothers 1912 river trip!
Entrance to Cheyava Falls!

Tom's photo

Emery Kolb stands with rope & camera at mouth of the cave near the Bright Angel tunnel at the top of the Bright Angel Trail.

A longtime Canyon resident says, "Based on a rock climb I did there in the late 1970's or early 1980's, this photo was take from the tunnel on the Bright Angel Trail. This is based on the background features. They show the small point and climb directly below Trail View Overlook Number Two on the West Rim Drive. The climb is accessed from the end of the first long switchback on the Bright Angel Trail. You traverse along the slope to reach the bottom of the climb.

You make a difficult 5.9 entrance into the crack and pick which direction you want to look. The "chimney" is so narrow that you cannot wear a helmet or turn your head. The climb is approximately 120'. There is no protection in the chimney and just a body belay at the top. Not for beginners!

 The sides of the cave are really overhangs that appear to be a cave. The rock cliff you are looking at in the distance is the Kaibab Formation."


 A Difficult Route?

Emery lowering Ellsworth down on their famous exploration of Cheyava Falls! Ellsworth Kolb holding camera & suspended by rope. Emery above on log above.  
1913 photo.
Inscription Reads: "125 lb. canvas boat built in one day  and carried from Kolb studio to river by Emery Kolb &  John Ivans in three hours on trip to North Rim via Shiva  Temple, October 1916."  
"Climbed from Shiva Saddle 7:30 am. Lunched with Jim Owens, Ambrose Means,  Adams & Party 1:00 at Jim Owen's cabin. Camped  at Ribbon Falls 8:00 pm same day. Shoes worn out." 

The Discovery of Cheveya Falls! 

A Short visit With Emery Kolb!

The Kolb Brother's Photos

Emery Carrying Boat
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