Olympic Coast Beach Cleanup!

I organize this annual event at the Hoh River on Earth Day weekend each year. This is the 16th year!
Many people, including many from the Washington Alpine Club participate. Come join us.

Our strong, and committed team of volunteers enjoys a great time at the Olympic Coast and gives a little back!

 April 21/22, 2018

"The wildest, the most remote and, I think, the most picturesque beach area of our whole coastline lies under the pounding surf along the Pacific Ocean in the State of Washington . . . It is a place of haunting beauty, of deep solitude." William O. Douglas



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The Olympic Beach Cleanup was organized by our good friend Jan Klippert in 2000, and sponsored by the Washington Trails Association, the Washington Alpine Club, the Mountaineers, and a bunch of others. Very sadly, Jan passed away in January 2008. Now the Clean up is organized by Coastsavers.

Every year, we will do the Hoh Beach and points north as far as we can. Most years we do Jefferson Cove as well. We find fishing floats, rope, plastic bottles. There is usually a few metal items too. Wonderful glass fishing floats from Japan are occasionally discovered. We will carry everything out to Oil City Trailhead. This will require several trips but doesn't take long.

This is a great time to visit the coast, do a good deed, and meet some new folks.
You can come for the day Saturday, or camp with us on Saturday night at Hoh Beach.

For info or to rsvp to Mike  mikemahanay@gmail.com



Forks is about three hours drive from Seattle.

We take the Bainbridge Ferry over, but any of the ferry's will work.

The drive on US 101 takes us over the Hood Canal Bridge and to Port Angeles.

Rather than getting up so early and taking the first ferry from Seattle at 6:10 am, (double check the ferry times) some folks leave Friday after work and camp at Hungry Bear Campground. It's free, others come over on the first ferry.

There are lots of hotel and B & B's in Forks. Lodging information in Forks is at www.forkswa.com 

There is a nice Thriftway on Forks if you need a latte or any last minute items Be sure and stop at the NPS Visitor Center in Port Angeles, Forks (or Kalaloch if you are coming from the South) to sign the waiver and pick up some trash bags.

Driving South from Forks on 101,  the turnoff on the Oil City Road will take us to the Oil City Trailhead.

Drive 10 miles down the Oil City Road to the end of the road and the National Park Service Oil City Trailhead. There is an outhouse, but no water. 

It is about a mile to the beach where the Hoh River drains into the Pacific Ocean, and another mile in to Jefferson Cove. 

We hope to get started by 9 am, if you’re late, that’s okay, just hike on in.

If you come after 9 just head for Hoh Beach, set up camp, and look around for folks gathering debris! Here we'll split the party and after 10 half will work the low tide over to Jefferson Beach.

You can start early if you want.

You can come for the day.





Water. There is a permanent stream just before the Hoh Beach that can be filtered. Since the hike to camp is only about a mile, bring plenty of water.

There is no outhouse at the beach, so we’ll have to use backcountry procedure and bury our waste 6 inches deep above the beach.

With the low tide we round Diamond Head to visit the Jefferson Cove beach. This headland is not passable at high tide, so we’ll have to time it right.

Those that wish to stay close to camp can work the area of Hoh Beach. Others, can hike the rocks and cobbles around Diamond Head and cleanup the beach of Jefferson Cove. It is a little over a mile long, composed of nice sand at low tide, and has a nice collection of floats, buoys, rope, styrofoam, etc for us to gather and bring back.


What to Bring?

olympic coast cleanup map.jpg (146882 bytes)

Always... The ten essentials:
  • Map of the area
  • compass
  • extra food
  • extra warm clothes and raingear
  • emergency shelter
  • first aid kit
  • sunglasses and sunscreen
  • pocket knife
  • waterproof matches
  • Headlamp/extra batteries

Cleanup stuff:

Gloves, and a cutter or knife to cut ropes of buried floats.

Camping Stuff if staying overnight:

If you are camping on Hoh Beach, bring a tent, raingear, warm clothes, and food for one dinner, two lunches and one breakfast.

If we can find some wood we'll have a little fire on Saturday night!


Sunday afternoon, on our way back to Seattle,  we'll stop in Sol Duc and enjoy the Hot Springs before heading back to Puget Sound.




We are expecting good weather, but be prepared for rain just in case.

There is the possibility of seeing Gray Whales, Bald Eagles, Deer, Raccoons, Sea Otters, Sea Lions, and Seals.

Sunday morning, we can relax, hike out, and everyone can have leisurely trip back home.
A favorite option is the Sol Duc Hot Springs Sunday afternoon on the way back to Seattle!

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