Up the final section to Abernathy Peak. It is the hump in the center. 1000' below is Scatter Lake.

Abernathy Peak 8,321'


In the Okanogan National Forest and the Lake Chelan Sawtooth Wilderness

August 01, 2004

One of the Bugler's 100 highest of Washington

Thanks to Josh Woods for all these great photos from his and Pat O'Briens 2001 trip.



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Abernathy Peak is one of the big Bugler 100, located in the Lake Chelan Sawtooth Wilderness, about 1 hour up the Twisp River Road from Twisp, WA. Just drive the Twisp River Road for 22 miles to the Scatter Creek Trailhead, 3, 200'.

The Trail is in excellent condition, but steep as it gains almost 4,000' in 4.2 miles to Scatter Lake in a big basin below Abernathy Peak. It was hard to tell which point was the summit from the lake.

Scatter Lake with the Larches turning!

Scatter Lake is at 7,047', and is simply stunning. Is it worth the 4,000' elevation gain? Absolutely! It has to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the Cascades! The Lake is very deep blue, and ringed by soft green Larches. There are 3 nice campsites around the lake, and plenty of level area. Doerte found it perfect for a summer day swim. It has a sandy bottom from the shore.

Gorgeous Scatter Lake from above.

That is Pat descending the scree.

Although Washington Pass is only 6 miles away as the eagle flies, Abernathy Peak is almost unknown except to those chasing the 100 highest. Like most of the peaks in the area what it lacks in technical terrain, it makes up for in solitude and big, big, and views!

Pat downclimbing from Abernathy Ridge.

It is only .8 miles and 1,300' to the summit from Scatter Lake. The climb is easy over secure talus. I didn't roll any rocks and made it to the Summit in 51 minutes from the Lake. Be careful not to ascend to Abernathy Ridge. The traverse along the ridge does not work very well. It is easier to go directly up the Basin to the saddle.

Once again, Josh Woods, and Pat O'Brien were already in the summit register. I was only the third person to summit this year. Again Gordy Skoog was in the summit from last December 01.

Pat traversing from Abernathy Ridge over to the route to the summit.

I had excellent views of Gardner Meadows below. Around me, the big peaks of North Gardner, 8,956', Gardner, 8,897', Silverstar, 8,876', Oval, 8,795', and Reynolds, 8,512'.

I could also see the two fires at Lake Chelan, the smoke heading east in a line to the Columbia River Basin. There was also smoke North of the Pasayten across the border in Canada. In between was perfect visibility. Mount Baker, 10,781', Glacier Peak, 10,541', and Shuksan, 9,127', were clearly seen. 

View to the South from the Summit of Abernathy!

The return down the scree only took 17 minutes! I immediately took off my hiking outfit and jumped in the cold alpine lake to chill out. I was not able to swim around like Doerte and was out again in 5 minutes to dry in the sun.

It was fast and easy return,  2 hours, but really hot, over 101 degrees at the car.

 7.5 hours round trip, 10 miles, 5,000'  elevation gain.

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