Cold and Windy on the summit of Mt. Rainier!
Doerte and Mike on Mount Rainier Summit

What about Mike?

Mike Mahanay


"He who moved not forward goes backward" 

My Outdoor Story in 31.122 seconds

I have completed a continuous route in the Grand Canyon on the north side of the Colorado River from Lees Ferry to the Grand Wash Cliffs, and on the south side of the Colorado River I only need the section from 205 Mile to Supai. I continue to make yearly trips to the Canyon and area. I completed the route from Lees Ferry all the way to the Grand Wash Cliffs at Lake Mead in March 2003 with an extremely tough 135 mile off trail hike! I have completed all 3 Grand Canyon marathons, and done 1 Rim to Rim to Rim.

I did my first hike in the Grand Canyon when I was 17 years old, and could not stop coming back. I lived on the South Rim in the eighties, and have never stopped hiking, preferring the less traveled routes. I spent a summer in the Canadian Rockies, a winter in Mexico, and a climb of Popocatepetl, and several trips to Europe and Alaska with my beautiful wife Doerte. I completed all 54 of the Colorado Fourteeners and spent  hundreds of nights in the Grand Canyon as well as exploring the Colorado Plateau and rafting all the major rivers of the American Southwest. I've climbed the highest peaks in each of the western states. We live in Seattle and climb in  the Northwest's Olympic and Cascade Mountains. We also enjoy telemark skiing, nordic skiing (skate), running, sea kayaking, and cycling.

I am President of the Washington Alpine Club, a Seattle based outdoor organization that was formed in 1893. Each summer Doerte and I spend many nights out in the backcountry. Doerte has completed the Major Peaks of Washington, and I have completed mine for the second time. We enjoy many weekends in the Olympic Mountains and Cascades.

Famous  and Favorite Quotes:

"I'm only here for the fear" John Owens
"I wouldn't say danger is my life, I prefer to think of it as more of a hobby" Chris Stokely

"A false sense of confidence is better than none at all" John Owens

"Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present" Albert Camus
"Who in the hell wants to be a white collar sissy when one can enjoy such grandeur and beauty such as this." Bert Loper
"Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid of standing still" Ancient Chinese Proverb
Doerte, Mike, and Dan on Colchuck Peak Summit!

Doerte, Mike and Dan on the summit of

Colchuck Peak, WA
Mike and Doerte on Dragontail Peak summit!

Doerte and Mike on the summit of Dragontail Peak,
Mike Quinn and Charlie Bongo on their way to Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon.
Our Washington Alpine Club bike ride on the Klickitat Trail near the Columbia Gorge in Southern Washington. This was a wonderful ride!

Mike, Doerte, John Sargent our leader, Audrey, Jeff, Sue, Cholie, Chris, Laura, Tim, Rachel, and in the back, Lee and Sean.

Doerte, Beck, and Mike at Camp Muir getting ready to Telemark down to Paradise on Mount Rainier!
Doerte enjoying the view of the Tatoosh Range and Mount Adams from just below Pebble Creek on Mount Rainier.

We Telemark skied from Camp Muir.

Brother Tim, and Mike after the Turkey Trot 8K in Oklahoma City.
John Sargent, Chris Ashe, and Mike at the reststop on the Tour de Kitsap, WA.
At the Washington Alpine Club Guye Cabin, delivering supplies.



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