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Ladders below Mooney Falls, Havasupai Reservation

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When the sun was high, he blindfolded her and led her out of the log hotel that stood upon the brink of the precipice to a point of rock that overhangs the abyss. 
For two days and nights they had been riding through. the desert, flat and gray, with blue mountains flicking in and out of the horizon, with a few jarring crevasses and buttes and bluffs to emphasize the tranquillity of the scene. The desert, with its somber serenity, had charmed her soul, and left it in a fine re-pose. As she stood blindfolded, she could think of nothing but the great level stretches of sand and sage and cactus.
The man had told the woman little of the Canyon, and when he took the bandage from her eyes he held her very tightly as she looked out across the miles and miles of tumult of form and rot of color that seemed to swirl thousands of feet below her and around her. As from the clouds she looked down into an illimit-able, red-tinged, ash-colored hell, abandoned and turned to stone aeons and aeons ago.
She stared amazed at the awful thing for a long minute, and then, as the tears of inexplicable emotion dimmed her eyes, she turned and cried vehemently at her artist husband,
"If you ever try to paint that, I'll leave you."
(From McClure's Magazine 1905)

supai1899.jpg (44675 bytes)
1899, Havasupai

Historic Cabin from 1924
Cabin located near Topocopa Spring and used by an Indian Agent and his family during the 1930's.  Built by the Supai named Captain Navajo.
Photo made 1924

The Outlet Fire, May, 2000
The Outlet Fire as seen from the South Rim, May,2000

eme1908.jpg (41779 bytes) Emery Kolb in 1908 sporting the latest in hiking gear!






Almost all photographs courtesy of the Grand Canyon National Park Museum Collection Special thanks to Mike Quinn!