John Wesley Powell
"Formal Portrait of John Wesley Powell"
Photographer unknown, 1874
Historical Photographs from the Grand Canyon! 

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Ladders below Mooney Falls, Havasupai Reservation

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rimpool.jpg (47400 bytes) Did you know there used to be a pool at the South Rim in the 50's?

Bright Angel Trail 1902 "On the Zig Zags of the Bright Angel Trail" 
Near 2 mile corner. 
Photograph by Henry G. Peabody, 1902

CCC Trail Crew "Construction of Clear Creek Trail by CCC Company"   
Photograph by Staff, Circa 1934

Metates in Clear Creek "Metates by Anasazi Granary Along Clear Creek"  
Photograph by Mike Quinn, March 19, 1994

Cheyava Falls "Cheyava Falls with a good flow of Water" Photograph by Bob Audretsch, April 18, 1993 

Scenic of Vishnu with Storm  


"Scenic from Hole in the Rim east of Duck on Rock of Storm over Vishnu Temple"  
Photograph by Mike Quinn, October 10, 1993 


Canyon de Chelly "Canyon de Chelly" on the Arizona/New Mexico border. A Navajo word that means "among the cliffs" or "ghosts or evil spirits'.

Almost all photographs courtesy of the Grand Canyon National Park Museum Collection Special thanks to Mike Quinn!