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New Traffic Rules for the Rim and Trails!

June 03, 1917



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"Albuquerque, June 2 -- Traffic regulations promulgated by the secretary of agriculture for the protection of visitors at the Grand Canyon... These regulations are of interest to tens of thousands of tourists who go every year... They will be enforced by officers of the US Forest Service which has jurisdiction over the Grand Canyon National Monument...

... as follows:

1. No vehicle shall be driven or allowed to stand between the Hermit Rim road and the brink of the canyon.

2. No vehicle or animal shall be left in such a manner as to obstruct free passage-way over any road or prevent ready access to any public landing block.

3. No animals used for transportation purposes shall be left on any road or public place without being tied or attended, nor shall any horse-drawn vehicle be left on any road or public place unless the team is tied or attended.

4. Trail parties shall have the right-of-way and no vehicle shall be driven so as to interfere with their lineup.

5. Motor vehicles must give horse-drawn vehicle sthe right of way; must sound horn when approaching curves or the tops of ridges or when passing other persons or vehicles going in the same direction; must close muffler cutout while passing houses, hotels or camps; must display front and tail lights after dark; and must not be left unattended with the motor running.

6. Trail parties may be sent out only under the following conditions:

(a) Accompanied by a guide.
(b) Not more than ten persons or more than five women or children in the party.
(c) Stock must be broken or accustomed to the trail on which used.
(d) Horses and mules may not be used in the same party.

7. No motor-propelled vehicle shall be allowed on the Hermit Rim road, the Hopi Point road from the main Ash Fork road to the Hermit Rim road, the road from Rowe Ranger station to Hopi Point, and the road from the main Grand View road to Yavapai Point, except underpermit by a forest officer when necessary for the protection of life or property or the transportation of labor or material between dark and sunrise."
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