Little Tahoma, 11,138'
Looking down on the third highest mountain in Washington, Little Tahoma! Little Tahoma, 11,138' is carved out on three sides by the Glaciers and is not climbed often these days!
Recommended Equipment For a Summit Climb!


The short list:


Plastic double boots or heavy duty gortex hiking boots, 2 pairs synthetic or wool socks, pile or wool pants, pile or wool jacket, waterproof/gortex jacket, waterproof/gortex pants, synthetic or wool hat, gloves, gaiters, neck gaiter, sun hat, and bandana. On the summit day I carry a spare pair of socks. One can double as a mitten if necessary.

Not only do you need to bring all this stuff, but you must know how to use it as well. 12 Point crampons, ice ace, snow and ice anchors, climbing rope, climbing harness, helmet, ascenders or prussik, rescue pulleys, slings, locking and non-locking carabiners, 3 or 4 season tent, sleeping bag rated 0-200 F, thermarest, headlamp with spare bulb/batteries, shovel, ski poles, compass, altimeter, topographic map, sun screen SPF 30+, first aid kit, and 100% UV sunglasses with side shields.


Plastic blue bags, food, stove, fuel(5-8 oz. per person per day), 2-3 quart pot with lid, bowl, cup, spoon, back pack, 2 or 3 1-quart water bottles, personal toiletries, earplugs, and lip balm with 45 SPF. You'll have to melt snow for water.

For the long list here is Vince Calderheads complete summit checklist!

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