Thorp Mountain Lookout at  5,854'. "Tag the Lookout"

Snoqualmie Pass Trail Runs

These are the Cascade Crest 100 Training runs.
Two separate races! + bonus Friday warm up run all on the Cascade Crest 100 course.
The course is minimally marked and there is limited aid.
Come do one, the double header, or shorter distances in the mountains

Snoqualmie Pass, WA
August 02/03/04, 2019!

A Grass Roots Community Run for experienced trail runners. A group of friends running in the mountains. Come run on the Cascade Crest 100 course, train at elevations of 3000 to 5000 feet, enjoy some fantastic scenery. Stay at Guye Cabin at 3000' on Snoqualmie Pass.


Plan on carrying your own water, food, gels and whatever supplies you may need. Bring the maps, and understand the routes.
The course will not be marked and there is no aid stations.
 It is hot! Bring at least two water bottles, water filter, food, camera.  Please team up.

Run Descriptions-
The training camp is based at the Washington Alpine Club's Guye Cabin in Alpental, WA. The cabin is located on Erste Strasse about a half mile off the PCT. This training weekend will test your ability to run long, in the heat, with big climbs, over varied and rocky terrain carrying a pack loaded with extra food and water.

Thorp Mountain, elevation 5,854, is the highest peak of the weekend. This peak comes at mile 16.5 on day 3. There is an ice cold spring of a mile before the top. Some years there are even a few patches of snow along this part of the trail.

Not to be outdone, Day 2 features 29 miles of the famous Pacific Crest Trail. This enormously long peaceful trail follows the ridgeline of the Cascades, weaves through forests, around lakes, over streams and past meadows, all the while being lined with flowers and huckleberries. You can run for hours without seeing another human being.

Day 1 features a 15 lollipop loop with Blowout Mt, elevation 5,750, right in the middle. This 3-day tour of of the CC100 course is a challenge that will push you to your limits. If you survive this weekend, you will be ready for any tough mountain 100 miler.


This is a remote, wilderness event and should be approached with preparation, caution and care. We expect you to be self-sufficient and responsible- ie know what you are doing.
Carry 2+ bottles of water, gels, and snacks. Wear a hat. Bring something to purify water from the streams. Take cowboy baths to cool down.
Requirements! Have fun, be safe, never litter, prepare for the weather, & sign in at the finish. NW Forest Passes are not needed to park.

Friday Warm-up Run - Tacoma Pass to the new Loop & back!   

Tacoma Pass South out and back 14 Mile Trail Run

August 02, 2019  2 pm start (5pm turnaround time)     Start to Blowout Mountain Map (0-15)
Meet at Guye Cabin to carpool at 1:00 pm


Saturday - Pacific Crest Trail 50K

Tacoma Pass to Guye Cabin 31 Mile Trail Run

August 03, 2019  8 am start     PCTFA Map 1 PCTFA Map 2

Short Options - Tacoma to Stampede Pass 12 miles or Stampede Pass to Guye Cabin 20 miles 


 Sunday - Thorp Mountain 50K 

 Kachess Lake Campground to Parkside Cafe via Thorp Mountain 31 Mile Trail Run

 August 04, 2019  8 am start TMFA Map

 Short Option - Trail from Hell to Mineral Creek out and back  11 miles 

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Trail Descriptions of both runs are found in the Cascade Crest 100 Runners manual
Cascade Crest Runner's Manual

Kachess Ridge Trail, Thorp Mountain Trail
The Thorp Mountain lookout is on Kachess Ridge Trail.

The gable-roofed lookout was constructed in 1931 and the views of Mount Rainier, Mount Stuart, Mount Daniel and the Dutch Miller Gap-area peaks are a major attraction.

The trail climbs through a steep flower meadow interspersed with rocky outcroppings.




Ten essentials for Trail Running

Ripe Huckleberries on Snoqualmie Pass

You can stay overnight at Guye Cabin - Stay inside in the dorm, outside in your tent, or in your RV - $20 per night. Pay here-

Guye Cabin will open for the weekend by noon on Friday.

Runners briefing each night at 8:00 pm in the Guy Cabin Library to go over the course and plans for the next day.

We'll meet each morning at Guye Cabin at 7 am to shuttle to the Trailheads. 

Guye Cabin is located on Alpental Road. We'll have water, drinks, and some snacks before and after the runs each day. Bring food and drinks to share.

There will be a limit of 50 runners each day so sign up fast.

Want to volunteer?

On Sat and Sun we could use folks to help shuttle cars and do aid stations.

Arthur Martineau
Mike Mahanay

View from the Thorp Mountain Lookout with the road and No Name Ridge.

Day 1 Pacific Crest Trail Description  - Tacoma Pass via Stampede Pass to Guye Cabin

Driving directions to the start-

Tacoma Pass
From exit 62 go south (left if coming from Easton). Follow 3.1 miles to intersection of FS 41.
Go left on FS 41 for 7.6 miles. Take a right at the well marked turn to Tacoma Pass.
Green Trails Map Lester WA No 239 and Snoqualmie Pass WA No 207

Almost all this run is on the PCT!  The PCT is not a difficult trail but it is not fast.
From Tacoma Pass to Stampede Pass you’ll do some moderate climbs.

About 1.5 miles from Stampede Pass you will start to pass under a series of power lines. There are three sets of power lines and the last one is the widest. You'll know it because in the middle of the clearing the trail does a sharp turn to the right and then back to the left. When you hit the trees after that clearing
you've got 0.3 miles to Stampede Pass. We'll have a vehicle there with water and some snacks. You can do drop bags there.

From Stampede Pass you've got approx 14 miles on the PCT to Olallie Meadows. The trail is moderate with decent footing and some nice older growth sections. From Stampede you'll hit a large blow down about 3 miles out and at 5 miles out you cross a forest service road just after passing over Stirrup Creek. The PCT signs / blazes are easy to follow, just keep an eye out and don't turn off on any dirt roads. We’ll cross a forest service road crossing at Meadow Mountain.

Leaving Meadow Mt. you make a gradual climb over a ridge and past a sign saying that you are leaving the national forest and entering the Cedar River watershed. At this point the trail leaves the trees and you are in an old clear cut. Downhill from this ridge to Yamika Pass the footing is a bit loose and the trail
is a bit overgrown. As you come down into the saddle of Yakima Pass you will cross a few old logging roads and you will pass a pond on your right with a trail sign marking Yakima Pass. From the Yakima Pass sign the trail switchbacks up to Mirror Lake. There are some creek crossings that should be an easy hop at the end of August. Just before reaching Mirror Lake you leave the clear cut and reenter the trees. There will be almost certainly be people camping at the south end of Mirror Lake. They are there to enjoy the weekend in the wilderness and do not expect to see a steady stream of runners.

You've got 5 miles to go. Savor the pretty run along Mirror Lake. It is one of many reasons why we really like the Cascades. Expect some snow after Mirror Lake. It is about 1 mile around the east side of the lake and shortly after leaving the lake you'll hit a trail intersection. Stay straight (do not go right). You'll climb from the lake up about 500 ft on gradual switchbacks. At the top of this climb pay attention and stay to the left. A trail to Twin Lakes goes to the right and downhill and the PCT goes to the left. The mileage sign is old and illegible so trust me, just stay to the left. If you find yourself bombing downhill with no PCT markers... we'll, don't say I didn't warn you while you are back tracking uphill. The next 2.5 miles or so to the Olallie Meadows at Mile 24 are very pretty. The trail is rolling and generally downhill. Enjoy the views!

Olallie Meadows we will have 5 gallons of water.

Leaving Olallie Meadows you will stay on the PCT for the downhill through the Summit West Ski area, under I90 and a short run on the Alpental Road back to Guye Cabin to the finish.
Sign in and record your time. There will be snacks and drinks in the kitchen or set up outside. Go take a soak in the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River.

Mileage Day 1-
Tacoma Pass 0
Snowshoe Butte 5
Stampede Pass 10
Meadow Mt 17
Olallie Meadows 24
Guye Cabin 32

Day 2 Thorp Mountain Description - Kachess Lake Campground to Silver Creek, then to Parkside Cafe via Thorp Mountain
Green Trails Map 208

The Start driving directions-
Kachess Lake Campground entrance
Exit 62 off of I-90. Head north (not towards Stampede Pass). If coming from Hyak heading East on I-90 you will exit and take a left to cross over the freeway. Take the road straight for 5.1 miles to a “T” intersection. Take a left. Go 0.4 miles uphill on a dirt road to the next intersection. There is a large information sign directly ahead of you here. We will park just outside the Campground. Turn right at the sign and head 0.2 miles to the start.

The Finish driving directions-
Finish at Parkside Cafe on North side of I90
Exit 71 from I-90.

The start goes down a bushwack trail that cuts down to the start of the trail by the lake, often referred to as the ‘trail from hell”, which takes you to a right hand turn to Mineral Creek. The total section from Kachess Lake to Mineral Creek is 5 miles long and looks quite benign on the elevation chart. It is rocky, rootstrewn and rolling with dozens up short, steep gullies. Take your time and be careful. Even the front runners tend to take over 90 minutes to cover this section and it will take most runners about two hours. There are some tricky sections of trail in here that require prudent, cautious navigation.

Finally you will take a right hand turn at a signed trail junction onto trail 1331 to Mineral Creek. A mile downhill you will cross the creek . Expect to get your feet wet here. Some years there is a log crossing but right now there is not.

You will leave Mineral Creek on a gradual uphill dirt road. The road climb goes for 7 miles and gains almost 3,000 ft. After some tight road switchbacks you’ll bend around the corner to the left and arrive at the No Name Ridge.

The next section is the prettiest and toughest on the course. There are some great views along the way of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness and the Stuart Range. Don’t forget to pick your head up and enjoy the scenery.

The cardiac needles are a series of short but steep climbs between No Name Ridge and just after French Cabin. There are basically 4 climbs + the climb up to the Thorp Mt lookout. The first one is the worst of the bunch (you’ll know it when you get there).

After No Name Ridge you’ll reach the out and back climb up to the lookout Cabin. With the great views this is a great place to take a break, eat a sandwich and relax for some time before you start the final downhill to the finish.

It is 4 mostly downhill miles from Thorp to French Cabin. The last climb on the course (really) is just after leaving the French Cabin aid station. Once you crest onto the pretty saddle it is time to shake out your quads and get ready for downhill. From the saddle to the Silver Creek there are basically three sections: steep downhill, moderate downhill, steep downhill.

Finish at Parkside Cafe

Mileage Day 2
Kachess Lake 0
Mineral Creek 5.5
No Name Rd 9
No Name Ridge 12
Thorp Mt 16
French Cabin 20
Silver Creek 27
Parkside Cafe 32

Please print out the Trail Descriptions and Maps!
Please be at Guye Cabin to make last minute preparations between 6am & 7am each day.
We will depart to shuttle to trailheads at 7am sharp!


Other Trail runs at Snoqualmie Pass  (2 to 16 miles)
Snow Lake
Red Mountain
Kendall Katwalk (PCT North)
Melakwa Lake
Lake Annette
Granite Mountain (Steep!)
Iron Horse Trail
PCT South

Directions to the Washington Alpine Club Guye Cabin on Alpental Road
Yahoo Maps will only get you as far as Snoqualmie Pass:

From Seattle:
Go up I90 East to Snoqualmie Pass. (About 52 miles from Seattle)
At mile 49.8 you will see Denny Peak and the Tooth on the left.
Look for Guye Peak, and take the first pass exit, Snoqualmie Summit West, exit 52. (Exit 53 if coming from the East)
Turn left at the stop sign on Alpental Road, and go under the highway.
Pass the driveway (on the right) into the PCT trailhead,
Immediately after turn right on Alpental Road. (There will be a sign to Alpental Ski Area)
Cross a bridge and look for the Sahalie Ski Lodge and Guye Peak on the right.
When you see Sahalie make the first left into the small WAC parking area.
You’ll see beautiful Guye Cabin through the trees.
Use the lower entrance under the stairs.

Cool down afterwards in the headwaters of the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River!

Cougar Running Camp at Guye Cabin

You can stay overnight at Guye Cabin

$20 per night. Pay here-
  There is a limit of 50 people so no worries for space.

You and your crew can also stay at Guye Cabin during Cascade Crest weekend!

Guye Cabin is non hosted so you cook and clean up after yourself.

Bunk style dorms- bring your sleeping bag, ear plugs, towel, food.
 There is plenty of space outside for your tent or RV if you need more quiet & personal space.
Hot showers at the Cabin and cold at the River.

The rushing headwaters of the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River
are just outside the door for a cold soak after your run.

Family members and non distance runners are welcome too! They will just need to pay a $20 guest fee at for staying at the Cabin. There are plenty of hikes and activities or just relaxing to keep anyone busy. A beautiful variety of Mountain hikes, climbs and bike rides. Ellensburg, Roslyn, and Leavenworth are all nice day trips.

Bring food and drinks to share (potluck style)

There are cooking facilities for meals. (BBQ, stove, microwaves)


email Mike Mahanay for more info on Guye Cabin

Join the WAC, a 501C3

The Washington Alpine Club




2009 Results
 Some photos on facebook at

 PCT 50K Miles Time

Thorp Mountain 50K Miles Results
Arthur Martineau 31 6:10

Devon Crosby 32 7:00
Matthew Hagench 31 6:10

Jonathan Berard 32 7:00
Michael Chastain 31 6:33

Arthur Martineau 32 7:06
Paul Hefffernan 31 6:33

Tim Stroh 32 7:06
Tate Kelly 31 7:13

Eric Barnes 32 8:13
T.J. Martin 31 7:18

Jamal Shoto 32 8:13
Barefoot Ted 31 7:19

Steve Stoyles 32 8:13
Mike Mahanay 31 7:57

Jeff Wright 32 8:35
Caroline Ly 31 8:08

Paul Heffernan 32 8:35
Charles Yuen 31 8:08

Tate Kelly 32 8:35
Gary "The Red Rabbit" Marr 31 8:08

T.J. Martin ? ?
Judy Carluccio 31 8:08

Shawna Wilskey 32
Paul Davis ? 31 8:08

Joe Tomkins 32
Ana Braga-Levaggi 31 8:55

Chris Muller 31 8:55

Jenny Appel 27 9:09
Peter Corduan 31 9:10

Rob "Rattler" Hester 27 9:09
Ken Briggs 31 9:18

Caroline Ly 27
Max Welker 31 9:18

Jamie Kaizer 27
Baldwin Lee 31 9:55

Linda Barton 27
Linda Barton 31 9:55

Donald Dryer, Kandahar Airfield Afghanistan 31

Baldwin Lee 20 6:00

Betsy Rogers 10 2:43

Ana Braga-Levaggi 16
Matt "Thing 1" Hagen 10 2:43

Chris Muller 16

Shawna Wilskey 20 2:43

Monica Ochs 20 4:00

Richard Korry 20 4:37

Heather Mar 20 5:45

Leon Willey 20 5:45

Jeff Wright 25 6:30

2012 Results

Goat Peak
Thorp Mtn 50K


Name Time Distance Time Distance Time Distance Time Distance
Adam Gaston

4:34 20 7:47 31.1 12:21 51.1
Arthur Martineau 3:51 14.2 6:35 31.1 7:35 31.1 18:01 76.4
Betsy Rogers

5:30 20

5:30 20
Brian Maher

4:04 18.5
31.1 4:04 49.6
Bruce Hoff

4:04 18.5 8:20 31.1 12:24 49.6
Craig Foster

9:35 31.1 9:35 31.1
Daniela Alimed 4:00 14.2

4:00 14.2
Deby Kumasaka

8:10 31.1 8:59 31.1 17:09 62.2
Doerte Mahanay

2:50 12

2:50 12
Genia Kacey

8:01 31.1

8:01 31.1
Glen Mangiantini

8:36 31.1 8:38 31.1
Gwen Scott

8:59 31.1 8:59 31.1
Jennifer Hughes

8:10 31.1 8:36 31.1 16:46 62.2
John Maytum

6:35 31.1 8:15 31.1 14:50 62.2
Joleen Rodgers

8:01 31.1

8:01 31.1
Larry Varin

11 3:30? 11
Mark Johnson

8:10 31.1

8:10 31.1
Matt Hagen

5:53 20

5:53 20
Megan Hall

8:10 31.1 7:47 31.1 15:57 62.2
Mike Johnson

8:10 31.1

8:10 31.1
Mike Mahanay 4:00 14.2

9:35 31.1 13:35 45.3
Sabina Havkins 3:59 14.2

3:59 14.2
Tracy Brown 3:51 14.2 5:53 20 9:35 31.1 19:19 65.3
Trevor Griffith

5:07 20.15

5:07 20.15
Van Phan

8:10 31.1 8:59 31.1 17:09 62.2

2013 Results

Pacific Crest Trail 50k Results

Thorp Mountain 50k Results

Goat Peak warm up

Sat First Name Last Name Sex Age

Sun First Name Last Name Sex Age

Fri First Name Last Name Sex Age

6:02 Kyle Mccoy M 34

7:22 Jesse Lang M 29

3:03 Kimberly Kuhlmann F 34

6:03 Kevin Smythe M 32

7:22 Arthur Martineau M 45

3:07 Martin Criminale M 49

6:03 Martin Criminale M 49

7:22 Alex Swenson M 49

3:15 Arthur Martineau M 45

6:04 Jesse Lang M 29

7:22 Suzanne Johnson F 36

3:15 Kyle Mccoy M 34

6:30 Arthur Martineau M 45

7:22 Dave Swoish M 29

3:21 Betsy Rogers F 49

6:35 Alex Swenson M 49

7:30 Martin Criminale M 49

3:21 Craig Foster M 51

6:35 Ryan Mcknight M 40

7:35 Tim Mathis M 33

3:21 Dave Swoish M 29

6:35 Suzanne Johnson F 36

7:35 Tonya Littlehales F 40

3:21 David Entz M 38

6:40 Julie Cassata F 31

7:45 Angel Mathis F 33

3:21 Jason Weekes M 39

6:50 David Entz M 38

7:45 Genia Kacey F 37

3:21 Jesse Lang M 29

6:55 Tim Mathis M 33

7:55 John Lee M 24

3:21 Tracy Brown F 52

7:04 Tonya Littlehales F 40

7:55 Todd Karin M 25

3:23 Eric Vonbergen M 43

7:05 Angel Mathis F 33

8:03 Ryan Mcknight M 40

3:23 Timothy Gates M 41

7:05 Dave Swoish M 29

8:28 Timothy Gates M 41

3:24 Lisa Wood F 40

7:05 Jennifer Hughes F 34

8:30 Julie Cassata F 31

3:25 Misty Strong F 37

7:15 Eric Vonbergen M 43

8:30 Jarad Long M 35

3:27 Ben Russell M 34

7:15 Timothy Gates M 41

8:31 Jennifer Hughes F 34

3:36 John Spannuth M 43

7:35 Deby Kumasaka F 49

8:31 John Spannuth M 43

3:45 Angel Mathis F 33

7:35 Kimberly Kuhlmann F 34

8:33 Eric Vonbergen M 43

3:45 Jarad Long M 35

7:52 Mike Bates M 58

8:50 Lisa Wood F 40

3:45 Julie Cassata F 31

8:05 Lisa Wood F 40

8:51 Ben Russell M 34

3:45 Tim Mathis M 33

8:15 Craig Slagel M 40

9:03 Deby Kumasaka F 49

8:24 Susan Hui F 43

9:04 Craig Slagel M 40

8:28 Lars Larsen M 49

9:10 Kimberly Kuhlmann F 34

8:33 Micaela Jensen F 44

9:20 Mike Mahanay M 57

8:34 Erin Earle F 42

9:30 Tracy Brown F 52

8:34 Gary Marr M 62

9:40 Betsy Rogers F 49

8:35 Craig Foster M 51

9:40 Craig Foster M 51

10m George Wiggins M

12M Lars Larsen M 49

10m Jarad Long M 35

12M Erin Earle F 42

10m Jason Weekes M 39

10m John Spannuth M 43

10m Kari Kennedy F 27

20m Ben Russell M 34

20m Betsy Rogers F 49

20m Doerte Mahanay F 47

20m Tracy Brown F 52

Full Francis Agboton M 40



2014 Results
First Name Last Name sex Age sat sun
Arthur Martineau M 46 6:25 7:22 13:47
Brian Maher M 34 6:25 7:22 13:47
Dave Swoish M 30 6:25 7:39 14:04
Jesse Lang M 30 6:25 7:39 14:04
Deb Mcinally F 44 6:46 7:54 14:40
Leni Karr F 43 6:46 7:54 14:40
Matthew Abel M 42 6:53 8:27 15:20
Kimberly Kuhlmann F 35 7:25 9:05 16:30
Joe Schrum M 45 7:30 9:03 16:33
Ben Russell M 35 7:36 9:21 16:57
Van Phan F 43 7:43 9:20 17:03
Robert Lopez M 48 8:06 9:39 17:45
Genia Kacey F 38 7:37 11:05 18:42
Ryan Mcknight M 41 7:37 11:05 18:42
Ann Yela F 33 20 miles 9:15
Evan Furtick M 36 20 miles

Jennie Husby F 33 20 miles

Joe Yela M 36 20 miles 9:15
Kelly Hutchins F 46 20 miles

Trevor Griffith M 37 20 miles

Doerte Mahanay F
20 miles

Catherine Elliott F
20 miles

Michael Engelbert M 33
7:39 7:39
Richard Kresser M 28
7:39 7:39
Craig Slagel M 41 7:56
Ray Siegrist M 55 8:06
Lisa Wood F 41 8:30
Scott Flett M 66
8:49 8:49
Bjorn Svensson M 46 9:02
Deborah Gardner F 50 9:02
Hideko Opperman F 46 9:02
Matt Newton M 41
9:03 9:03
Ben Semer M 40
9:21 9:21
Samantha De La Vega F 48
9:24 9:24
Tracy Brown F 53
9:39 9:39
Richard Staehli M 56 11:11


2015 Results

2016 Results

2017 Resulsts

Participants certify that they are physically fit and sufficiently trained to complete such portion of this event as they choose to complete. By electing to participate in this event, the participant waives, releases and discharges from any and all claims, losses or liabilities for death, personal injury, partial or permanent disability, property damage, medical or hospital bills or theft which may arise out of or relate to participation in this event. Participants agree not to sue, and to hold harmless any and all persons, sponsors, volunteers, participants or government agencies for any and all claims or liabilities that they have waived, released or discharged by their participation in the Pacific Crest Trail Double Fat Ass .