Cascades Freeheel Festival Report!
celebration of fun and the Freeheel with our own local grass roots Freeheel festival!

Snoqualmie Pass, WA

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Grass Roots Event!

Couldn't make the community celebration? Here is a short report of the fun!





Doerte Mahanay spent the day with a microphone and recorder documenting the days events from the first tracks down the face, to the final sweeps of the Hyak Ski Patrol and the last sweet notes of the Bunk 42 Band!


Download the Podcast: CascadesFreeheelFestival

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Running time is about 35 minutes


Summit East (Hyak) Ski Area, Snoqualmie Pass, WA
Cascades Freeheel Festival 2007
is a Pacific Northwest grass-roots gathering to celebrate the Spring snow, telemarking, randonee, x-country, and backcountry skiing. What does grass roots mean? No budget, but plenty of fun!

The Cascades Freeheel Festival event was created by skiers for skiers to promote the fellowship, climate, magic, fun, skill, and knowledge of freeheel and backcountry skiing. There was socializing all day at the Old Milwaukee Lodge, at the base of the Mountain.

Telemark Ski Clinics

 Thanks to the Hyak (Summit East) instructor staff for doing morning and afternoon Telemark clinics!

Skin up & Ski down Race

The day began with a series of telemark clinics. Next up was the Skin up and Ski down race.

Joe Wadden, from Outdoor Research, organized the Skin up and Ski down race. Here he is giving the last minute instructions to the racers.

We went up the Creek Run to the ridge and then down Serpentine, then Creek Run back to the Lodge.



The Skin up and Ski down Race start!

There were 25 participants in several different divisions.

It was a very competitive field!



The WAC's own Bert Bradley, #147 is off to a good start!

The elite race was won by Scott Coldiron who did three laps.

Bert Bradley came in first in the gentleman's one lap division.

Everyone had fun, and prizes were awarded!



Outdoor BBQ and Food

John Martin, the BBQ King, cooking up the BBQ under the big tent!

We had Veggie Burgers, Hamburgers, Pulled Pork BBQ, and potato salad! Yum!


Later on when we moved inside for the Bunk 42 Band!! We had beer and Tom Welch's fantastic homemade burritos!





Costume Mass Ski

What can be more fun?

Here are some of the folks that participated! (under the watchful eye of the Ski Patrol)

Joey, Stephen and Sharon Lane, Lynn Simmons, Joanna D'Asaro, Doerte Mahanay, John Sargent, Mike Mahanay.

We met at the top of the Keechelus Chairlift and skied down the face.




Bunk 42 Band


Bunk 42 Band is five piece band that covers tunes of the 80's and 90's.

Everyone gave them five stars!!!!!




Bunk 42 Band showing off the super cool Freeheel festival T shirts.

Bunk 42 is Andrew, Ted, Pat, McCain, and Eric.



Lets Dance!

Hyak has an excellent dance floor! There was plenty of cutting the rug with the tunes from Bunk 42!

Not surprisingly the best dancers were wearing teleboots!

Johnny Jeans and Brenda Livemore.

Thanks to everyone that organized!
Mike Mahanay
John Roberts
Bunk 42

And thanks to everyone that helped out during the event!
Joe Wadden
Doerte Mahanay
Randy Oakley
Eli Holmes
Karel Zikan
Joe Sambataro
Mary Lynch
And all the great Hyak Staff!

See you again next year in 2008!

Cascades Freeheel Festival 2007


The First Annual Cascades Freeheel Festival was presented by:

The Washington Alpine Club



Summit East (Hyak)

Outdoor Research

The Bunk 42 Band !




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