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Grand Canyon

Double Crossing Fat Ass!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rim to Rim to Rim

This is one of the ultimate Ultra Trail Runs!
People do this every year the weekend before the North Rim Lodge closes.
We won't need a permit since we are doing day use.

You can cross one way too, or do both.

You have to work out your own travel and accommodations.
We will be flying in to Phoenix and driving up. We might have room for 1 or 2 people to ride with us.

A Grass Roots Community Run. No cost, no sponsors, no liability, just
a group of friends running in the Grand Canyon for fun.



Weather on Sept 30 was 60 degrees on the rim and 80 at the river, with lows on the rim below freezing! Lets hope it holds.

Date- Saturday October 10

Meet up Friday evening after sunset at Maswick Lodge for pre run pasta dinner.
Start at the South Kaibab Trailhead 
4 am

Start at the South Kaibab Trailhead  7,000' 4 am
7 miles to the Colorado River and Phantom Ranch  2,600' (water)
14 miles to the North Rim (water at  Cottonwood, the pump station, and Supai Tunnel. The water was also on at the N Rim Trailehad)
This section follows the Bright Angel Creek for much of the way so there are opportunities to jump in to cool off, or fill up our water bottles

Tag the North Rim 8,000' and return to Phantom Ranch (water) 14 miles following the Bright Angel Creek again.

River Trail 1 mile
Up the Bright Angel Trail to the South Rim 10.5 miles  (water at Indian Gardens 4.5 miles from rim, & rest houses at 3 & 1.5 miles from the Rim)

Reach the Rim near the Bright Angel Lodge, shower and then recovery dinner at Maswick Cafeteria
Total mileage will be about 42 miles, with 11,000' for elevation gain.

It could be over 100 degrees in the Canyon, and maybe 80 degrees on the Rims, so we'll have to play it cool.

My goal would be to do this in 16 hours. I am sure others are faster.

Spread the word, perhaps we can get others to join us!

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Not organized and no Cost!

What could be better?


Plan on carrying your own water and whatever supplies you may need.
At least three water bottles, grub, energy gels, camera, water purification system and a fanny pack is recommended. I am bringing a flashlight and lots to eat. Phantom Ranch has sandwiches, lemonade, candy, and other stuff if they are open when we go by.
It could very well be hot.

Ten essentials for Trail Running

Ribbon Falls

Keep track of you own time for touching the North Rim trailhead sign, and then the top of the Bright Angel Trail.

Runners and times (hours):

Jeff Wright           12:23
Dave Payten       14:45
Mike Mahanay    15:14
David Forbes      15:14

We had highs of 86 in the Canyon and 60s on the rims so perfect weather for running. 45 miles total.

Roaring Springs

This is a no fee, no shirt, no aid, no organization, on your own run groups of friends run, so plan on carrying your favorite method of hydration and some energy grub as well! -- (And, of course) These are not races but rather just a group of friends doing a fun run! You'll need to keep track of your own time, and we'll post it here.

Sign up or more info?
Email Mike Mahanay or call 206.931.4713


You must read the below! 

Participants certify that they are physically fit and sufficiently trained to complete such portion of this event as they choose to complete. By electing to participate in this event, the participant waives, releases and discharges from any and all claims, losses or liabilities for death, personal injury, partial or permanent disability, property damage, medical or hospital bills or theft which may arise out of or relate to participation in this event. Participants agree not to sue, and to hold harmless any and all persons, sponsors, volunteers, participants or government agencies for any and all claims or liabilities that they have waived, released or discharged by their participation in the Grand Canyon Double Crossing.