Our view from the top of the Columbia River Gorge. We had mixed weather, so as you can tell a squall was moving in on us.

Washington Alpine Club

Historic Columbia River Highway Trail bike ride!

from The Dalles OR to Hood River OR

April 03, 2005

 Day two! John promised, “Just as much fun but only half the Bag Balm.”
Sunday morning, after a good nights rest and a hearty breakfast at the Lyle Café we crossed over the Columbia River and rode 19 paved miles on the Historic Columbia River Highway from just outside The Dalles Or, to Hood River Or,  traveling through the historic Mosier Twin Tunnels.




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Once again, John Sargent was right on the money. The day was cool and cloudy, and all the ride was on pavement. There were very few cars on the road. We ascended from the Columbia River to the top of the Columbia River Gorge, almost 1000’. At the top we were treated to fantastic views of the Columbia River on its way to the Pacific Ocean. You could almost see Lewis and Clark paddling down in their canoes.
This is the road we ascended to the top of the Gorge. There were very few cars so we almost had the road to ourselves.

That is Gino and Cathys van down below. They brought along a group of scouts.

At the top is a scenic view and some hiking trails to the edge of the Gorge overlooking the Columbia River.

Lee Parsons, our leader John Sargent, Mike Mahanay, Doerte Mahanay, and Audrey Pitigliano at the top enjoying a snack and the view.


The next piece was downhill, but in wind and rain! At the town of Mosier we met the Sag Wagons and almost everyone rode the bike only trail through the historic twin tunnels. These 17 foot tunnels date back to the days of Model T’s, then were closed in the 1950’s when a new highway was built. Then in 1995 Oregon Senator Mark O. Hatfield was able to secure funding to rehabilitate and preserve this scenic trail.


Mike entering the first of the historic Mosier Twin Tunnels!

This section of the ride is even paved!

John Sargent is working hard to make sure we are all in a good shape come summer and the Seattle to Portland ride.

After the historic Mosier Twin Tunnels is is almost all down hill to Hood River.

It is pretty isn't it!

A wonderful ride!

Les and Laura were again key to the ride. They moved the vehicles to each of the meeting points. 

Jeff Sargent, Susie Sargent, Chris Sargent, Sean Parsons, and Rachel Parsons at the end of the ride at Hood River.

It wasn't long until it was raining and cold.

Two fantastic rides in two days! John Sargent did a wonderful job of organizing two rides that was appropriate for everyone. No one was asking for their money back!
A huge big thanks to Les Sargent for shuttling cars, and the Sag wagon!

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