We met at Guye Cabin. Bill, George, Eric, and Doerte did the shuttle while the rest of us relaxed with orange juice and donuts. Finally, we are ready to ride!

Washington Alpine Club

Ironhorse Trail bike ride!

Snoqualmie Tunnel to Rattlesnake Lake!

October 11, 2003

 The Ironhorse Trail follows the old "Milwaukee Road" railroad bed. The original tracks over Snoqualmie Pass even went through the Washington Alpine Club property. Later they built the tunnel, and still later they electrified the line. Before the days of the Interstate Highway, the train used to make two daily trips to the Pass to bring skiers up. Hyak was built by the Railroad.

Now, it is a railroad no more, but a wide trail that will take riders all the way to Idaho! We rode from Guye cabin to the Tunnel entrance, and then down to Rattlesnake Lake.



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Leaving the cabin! Our first challenge was getting around the Sprinkler ditch.


At the Snoqualmie Tunnel entrance.

Everyone has the headlamps on.

Our team, divided into yellow and blue,-  George Votroubek, Nate Johnson, Kat Wamba, Eric Knudson, Beth Huff, Mike Mahanay, Doerte Mahanay Bill Hooper, and Kristin Huff.
(I hope I have the order and names correct . Please let me know if I have any errors)

2 miles later we reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

It was much bigger than I thought it would be.

Many folks walk through the Tunnel and then walk back through a second time! Kids really like the old tunnel.

Our leader, Eric!

Eric did a great job putting the ride together. We think there will be more rides in the WAC's future.


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