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The Best non-commercial Resource Page for the Grand Canyon! A virtual Trek of the Canyon in the sprit of exploration!
Grand Canyon Treks provides information on the Grand Canyon Backcountry, focusing on historical trails and routes. Includes South Rim info, North Rim info, Phantom Ranch, history, trip reports, Canyon news, and the Colorado River. Grand Canyon Treks also includes information from Harvey Butchart, and the Kolb Bothers

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West Seattle Beach Run July 11, 2021

Olympic Coast Beach Cleanup April 18, 2022
Photos from the Beach Cleanup

Info on the Washington Alpine Club

Trip Reports!

Double Crossing Trail Run


Treks Main Pages...
Developed Hiking Trails!
Permit information
Hiking trail info on both rims!!

Grand Canyon Backcountry Hiking
Real Off Trail Backcountry Trip Reports and information!!

Backcountry History
Who were those guys? Harvey Butchart, Matthes, Davis, Kolb Brothers,
A Pool at Phantom?

Grand Canyon Place Names!
Cape Solitude, Bright Angel Creek? Cranberry Canyon!
Historical Canyon Photo gallery
Some of the first photographs, some dating over 100 years!!
Mike Quinn's Photographic Exploration 
The Grand Canyon's finest resident Photographer
and Grand Canyon Historian!!

Pacific Northwest Treks!
Where do you go when its just too hot to hike in the Canyon?

Peak lists, Trip reports & information! Current Trip Reports!
Historic Mount Rainier Trip Report 1951 Trip to Camp Muir!

"Who in the hell wants to be a white collar sissy when one can enjoy such grandeur and beauty such as this." Bert Loper

The Kolb Brothers! 
Discovery of Cheyava Falls!!

The wild antics of Emery and Ellsworth!!

Emery Kolb
Emery Kolb
Pictures and stories of their exploits!!! These handsome guys were the original bad boys!!!

Emery Kolb

River Routes!!
Dr. Butchart's Routes to The River
Grand Canyon Water Sources!!
Who else? Dr. Butchart!! Still the most reliable source!
     Natural Bridges, Windows, & Tunnels!
Dr. Butchart's definitive list!!

Interview with Harvey Butchart!
Harvey did it all!!-First!!! Did you know Harvey didn't begin his explorations until he was in his 40's??

Shoshone Point Route

Shoshone Point
Charlie Bongo on the Shoshone Point Route!


"The Canyon is it's own answer. It fills the soul of all responsive persons with awe... It allures, attracts and holds those who have once gazed into its mysterious depths." George Wharton James

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Who is Mike Mahanay?

Norm Kern's 7Days6Nights Blog

The Orphan Mine!
Did they really have a mine on the South Rim?
Have you ever seen any Diamondbacks or Pinks??
Mountain Lions

Are they returning?
Have you ever encountered one?

Waterfalls? In the Canyon?!!!
Thunder River, Cheyava Falls!


Current View from the Yavapai Point Webcam

Trip Reports..

The Best from both Rims!
Mike Hanneman
Kaibab Trail in a day!
Bill Hubbard
South Canyon!
Josh Case's Fall Trip!

South Bass/ Copper Canyon!
Joseph Heywood out west!
South Kaibab/Bright Angel
Jeff Owens
Havasu Canyon and Supai
Jeff Owens
 Wontans Throne Climb
Harvey does it again!
Royal Arch!
Joseph Heywood's Spring Trip!
Down the Little Colorado River!
Kitt Wing's The first running of the Little Colorado!!

Elves Chasm Rappel!?
High Adventure and fun!
Shoshone Point Trip Report!!
Harvey's first descent of Shoshone Point!!  

Grand Canyon Treks Features...

Canyon Hiker's Quiz!
How many do you know?
Canyon Hiker's Quiz II
The advanced version

Grand Canyon FAQ!
Frequently asked Questions?

Over the Edge! Death in the Grand Canyon!
Order the new best seller!
Congestion at the South Rim!
Is this the way to see any park?
Toroweap, or is it Tuweep?
Where the heck is that?
Winter at the South Rim!
Does it Snow at the Canyon?
Phantom Ranch!

Is there any place better? 

The Human Drama of the Past!
Who saw the Canyon first?
Canyon Geology and Geography!
Why does the river cut through a hill?

New! The Geology of Grand Canyon
by Edwin D. McKee 1931!
Grand Canyon National Park History!
Was it always protected from development?

Stories of a remarkable people!

Parashant National Monument!
Bruce Babbitt at the new Grand Canyon/Parashant National Monument!
Bruce Babbit at Parashant

Photo by Steve Yozwiak/The Arizona Republic

Condors at Vermillion Cliffs
Lost Condors due to lead poisoning!!

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bodily injury and death. All forms of wilderness recreation have a higher level of risk than most ordinary activities. The owner and publisher of this web site do not assume
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